Mercator GeoSystems was founded as a Limited Company in 2004 by Steve Hall, a software developer with many years experience in web, database and desktop software, often with a mapping or GIS (Geographical Information System) angle.  Since then the technology landscape has changed almost beyond recognition and Mercator GeoSystems have been working hard to keep pace by developing responsive websites, ever faster and more complex databases, and apps for phones and tablets in addition to the core strengths described above.

However it has become increasingly hard to run this as a successful business, so whilst we traded profitably throughout our existence it was getting harder and harder to compete with the "big boys" and some of the sparkle had gone out of the work which we originally setup the company to spend more time doing.

As such, in September 2013, Mercator GeoSystems is no longer trading as a Limited Company, and will instead be the collective name for the tools, products and services that have been created over the years and wil still continue to be offered to those interested in using them.

They will be actively maintained and supported and many of them are free to use.  Some, however, do incur a small charge to help cover hosting and advertising costs but the goal of "Mercator GeoSystems" is no long to run a profit-making business, but to provide a place to describe products I find interesting to develop and have a place "out there" in the wider Internet.

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By removing the need for them to make enough money to pay wages, and by turning them into a fun side-line, they should survive for many years to come.


Steve Hall.

September 2013


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