iPostcode available soon for the Pebble smart-watch

iPostcode, our app that shows you which UK postcode you're most likely to be in, is being made available for the Pebble smart-watch.

Pebble Hike - updated for Pebble Firmware 2.0

We'll be updating Pebble Hike to run on firmware 2.0.

Prototype hiking app for Pebble and iPhone

We've just finished developing a prototype hiking app for owners of the Pebble smart watch and iPhone that love the great outdoors!

iOS7 - we're all good here!

We're very pleased to report that all our apps appear to be working just fine on the first beta of iOS 7.

Removing unused App IDs from iOS Developer Portal

Removing unused App IDs from the iOS Developer portal has been impossible, until now that is. The latest changes to the iOS Developer Member Center (finally) allows you to delete them.

Bitwise Values - cheat sheet

A handy sheet of decimal, hexadecimal and binary bitwise values for use in flags, settings when programming.

Installing Android Jelly Bean on an HTC Desire using Mac OS X

Hello all, This is as much a post to remind myself more than anything else, and also this time yesterday I didn't know the first thing about Android let alone rooting, flashing, S-OFF etc and all the other wonderful things I've had to learn - so go easy on me if I'm not using exactly the right terms!

Installing PostGIS with built-in Postgresql in Mac OS X Lion Server 10.7.3

We recently upgraded our Snow Leopard Mac OS X server to OS X Lion Server, 10.7.3 and were pleased to find that it comes with a version of PostgreSQL (9.0.5) built-in. We're all for having good stuff built-in so we now just had the task of adding PostGIS to it and we'd be set. However this isn't quite as simple as it could be, but luckily isn't too hard and doesn't require any tinkering with Apple or PG 'makefiles' or other scripts, just the judicious use of a few compiler parameters.

First impressions of some new features in iOS5

Luckily iOS (and Mac OS) developers can get beta copies of the new operating systems early so we've upgraded an iPhone 4 and iPad (1) to iOS5 to take a look at the new features (and to check that our "Where It's At" app works on the new…

How to crop large polygons in QGis

A step-by-step tutorial on how to crop large polygons to make a smaller one using the open-source GIS product, QGIS.


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