Editting ApEx theme images using Mac OS X and WebDAV on XE

Editting ApEx theme images using Mac OS X and WebDAV on XE

Recently we had to make a couple of minor tweaks to a couple of ApEx theme images stored in an XE installation. At first we scratched heads a little but then found a helpful post on the ApEx forum which made it much easier. All we needed to do was work out how to do this using Mac OS X Leopard. Luckily, it's also very easy!

Firstly open a Finder winder then choose Go -> Connect to Server from the Finder Menu :

Connect to Server

Enter the server name and port that the embedded HTTP gateway is listening on (8080 by default) and click on Connect.  You will then need a database user name that has permission to modify the ApEx schema (FLOWS_*).  A DBA user name or the FLOWS_* user name and password should work fine :

WebDAV File System Authentication

With this done, click OK and logon to the database. A new Finder window will then appear showing the 'root' of the database WebDAV file system :

WebDAV Finder window

You can now navigate through the tree to find the image in question by following through i -> themes -> theme X :

WebDAV theme path

I haven't yet worked out how to edit the images 'in place' but it's easy enough to copy the required images out to a folder on your hard disk, edit them, and then copy them back into the appropriate folder.


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