Pebble Hike - updated for Pebble Firmware 2.0

Pebble Hike - updated for Pebble Firmware 2.0

We'll be updating Pebble Hike to run on firmware 2.0.

Pebble Hike, our hiking and navigation assistant for the Pebble smart-watch and iPhone will be updated for firmware 2.0 as announced by Pebble recently.

Pebble Hike on test

We've ported the code to the 2.0 BETA as released by Pebble last week and all is looking good.   We'll also be pushing out an update to our companion iOS app over the coming weeks although this isn't necessary to run Pebble Hike on 2.0 watch firmware.

For the early birds and developers amongst you wishing to try it, you can download the latest PBW file here.  We'll update this file on a rolling-basis if anything needs fixing.  THIS PBW WILL ONLY WORK ON A PEBBLE WATCH WITH FIRMWARE 2.0 BETA INSTALLED.




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