Settings.bundle doesn’t appear in iPhone Settings


We were working on an iPhone app recently and added a Settings.bundle to allow the user to set their preferences as described here and here.…

Oracle ‘isnumeric’ function

A possible implementation is to simply try to assign the string to a number and catch any exceptions. If something goes wrong then it's not a number!

Solution to crackling and breaking up conversation on iPhone


Yesterday one of our iPhones developed an intermittent fault with the call quality.  Often we could hear the other party but they couldn't hear us, or vice versa.  It didn't seem to matter who initiated the call or wether it was a mobile to landline call or mobile to mobile.

Missing (red) frameworks in iPhone XCode projects after upgrade

We just upgraded XCode to the latest release (3.1.4 as at time of writing) and noticed that after doing so a number of our iPhone projects now had their Frameworks all set to missing (i.e coloured in red).

Returning Oracle SQL data as XML

An earlier post illustrated how to extract information from XML inside PL/SQL. This post is an example of the reverse of this, in that it shows how to create an XML document from a SQL statement. These examples are based on creating an XML document providing details of the tables in the SCOTT schema but could easily be adapted to suit your needs.

Use grep to match on the beginning of a line

Just a simple one but a syntax that I can never remember when I need to so a quick post may help jog mine, and your, memory.  This grep syntax is for matching lines from a text file that begin with a particular word or expression :

$ grep -w '^Word' input_file.txt > output_file.txt
This will search input_file.txt for lines that begin with 'Word' and then redirect the output…

oui.exe crash on Oracle patch

This is just a simple little post but one which was frustrating for us for a while earlier today.  When trying to run setup.exe to install the patchset for Oracle 10g on a Windows XP Pro machine (this may happen on other flavours of Windows, I'm not sure) it pretty much immediately crashed with an error in oui.exe.

After much digging it turns out that the problem is simply that…

Returning an SQL result to a Shell script

Often it can be useful to return the result of a simple SQL*Plus query to a shell script variable, for example to check for a value before deciding wether or not to proceed. The syntax is actually pretty simple :

Updating Oracle tables using a join

Doing a 'join update' in Oracle can sometime cause a few headaches. By 'join update' I mean the situation where we have two tables and want to update some of the rows in the first table based on values that exist in the second table.

Removing £ signs from a file using sed

If you've ever tried to use 'sed' to remove the UK pound sign (£) from a file you may have struggled. We were bashing our head against the wall until we tried this little trick :


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