ApEx Select list with Redirect confirm change

We recently had a situation that required a little bit of head scratching. We had a page with a Select List with Redirect that was used to populate some form fields based on the contents of the Select List. The users could change the values in the form and save them, but if they changed the Select List before using the 'Save' button then the changes would be lost. What we wanted to do was add a confirmation message to make sure the user saved the details before changing the Select List.

Using Ajax to populate one field based on another in an ApEx form

Often it can be useful to populate one field on a form based on the content of another in a live and dynamic fashion. Luckily this is easily achieved using the Javascript API supplied as part of ApEx 3.1.

Editting ApEx theme images using Mac OS X and WebDAV on XE

Recently we had to make a couple of minor tweaks to a couple of ApEx theme images stored in an XE installation. At first we scratched heads a little but then found a helpful post on the ApEx forum which made it much easier. All we needed to do was work out how to do this using Mac OS X Leopard. Luckily, it's also very easy!

Change the background colour of an ApEx page

The simplest way to change the background colour of an ApEx page is to edit the template using the Application Builder.

New ApEx book published

We just spotted this new ApEx book on Amazon entitled "Pro Oracle Application Express" :

Pro Oracle Application Express

It's not released yet but looks good, and is written by two giants of the ApEx scene, John Scott and Scott…


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