Oracle Spatial scripts, code and utilities

Available in the Downloads section of our website are a number of scripts & utilities that we've made available that you may find useful.

Oracle LogoScripts include :

Merge Points

This code takes a series of points (stored in an Oracle Spatial SDO Geometry) and merges them to create a line geometry.  The code allows you to specify a point "order" so that the line is assembled correctly.

Spatial Union for Locator

This code implements a function roughly equivalent to the SDO_AGGR_UNION function in Oracle Spatial.  It is intended for use on Oracle Standard Edition platforms where it is undesirable, for whatever reason, to upgrade to Spatial.   (Note: this code does not work in Oracle XE due to the lack of Java support in that edition).

MID/MIF Export

Allows you to export Oracle Spatial tables as MIF/MID files directly from PL/SQL

Oracle GeoRaster Load Scripts

A useful batch file that simplifies the process of loading TIF/TFW files into Oracle GeoRaster

Simple Centroid

This (really) simple script can be used to create a centroid geometry for another geometry.  It is intended as a basic substitute for the Oracle Spatial function SDO_GEOM.SDO_CENTROID, if you only have Oracle Locator.

All these scripts can be found in the Downloads section of the website.  You will need to register first before you can download them.

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