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Mercator GeoSystems are pleased to announce that a much requested 'sdo2shp' tool to export Oracle SDO Geometry as an ESRI Shapefile is now available for Windows and Linux platforms. NEW! Support for Solaris (Intel) has now been added.  Contact Us for details.

"SDO2SHP is a great help.  Now I am working with Oracle Spatial and making the shapefiles on the fly".  Kailash Pareek

"SDO2SHP is a great tool, which saved us hours of development. The guys at Mercator GeoSystems were very helpful and quick to response to every question / need we have had. All in all, an excellent experience."  Gal Shirin

"SDO2SHP performed flawlessly.  SDO2SHP is real life saver for me!  Other options would have required a lot of time and effort with no guarantee of success."  John Finnegan, North Carolina Natural Heritage Program

The tool is currently available on the Windows and Linux platforms (32 and 64 bit) and supports either a 10g or 11g client.  The tool is a command line tool so is well suited to integration in automated batch files and shell scripts.

A beta version of SDO2SHP available for Mac OS X Leopard.  Contact us for details. 

Free evaluations of the tool are available. To access the software please follow these steps :

1) Please register with us, and then activate your account when the activation email arrives,

2) Login by clicking on the "Login" button at the top of the page,

3) Go to the downloads section where you will find the SDO2SHP with the Windows and Linux releases. 

The latest version includes Windows Installer and new Interactive Mode.

Evaluation software is timed to expire at the end of the month in which you download it and is limited to exporting 100 rows.

To view the README for the current release which contains usage notes, supported platforms and other details click here

SDO2SHP Screenshot

The software is available in two editions : 

Single user edition

This is valued at GBP £30 (approx US$60, A$75). Itis aimed at individual users who have the tool running on their desktops for 'ad-hoc' exports.

Server edition

This is valued at GBP £100 (approx US$200, A$250) and is aimed at server installations where multiple users will use the tool or where it will be run in an automated context for nightly exports etc.

Credit Cards 

To purchase the software using a credit card please click on the appropriate Buy Now button below to make your purchase :

Single user edition

(Windows) - £30 + vat

Buy using FastSpring

Single user edition

(Linux) - £30 + vat

Buy using FastSpring

Server edition

(Windows) - £100 + vat

Buy using FastSpring 

Server edition

(Linux) - £100 + vat

Buy using FastSpring


After making your purchase you will be sent a link via email to enable the tool to be downloaded.

Thanks for looking!

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