Postcode Data Map

We have just launched a new service, the Postcode Data Mapper.  If you have data in your organisation stored at a postcode level and want to view it on a map then this service is for you.  For example a file of customers, incidents or prospects can be quickly and easily mapped and paid for with a credit card for instant delivery.
NEW! - map your postcode-based data at the government's new health area geography, CCG (Clinical Commisioning Groups).
Click here for a sample CCG map in PDF format. 

You can either upload a CSV text file of postcodes, or copy and paste them directly into the box on the website.  At this point you can then either decide to view the map as a "Dot Map" like the one below :

Postcode Map Sample

(Click on this sample map to see a larger version or click here to see the PDF version.)

or choose to make a "Shaded Map" :

Postcode shaded map

(Click on this sample map to see a larger version or click here for PDF version)

Dot Maps are good at showing precise locations and clusters of your postcodes whereas Shaded Maps are preferable for showing broad trends and deriving counts of postcodes by either Postal Area, District, Sector or Health Area.

You can control several aspects of the map's appearance including :

  • The colour scheme to use for thematic maps
  • The map's title
  • The size and colour of the dots 
  • Wether to zoom in closer or further out
  • Wether to show roads and place names
  • The inclusion of a data table for your thematic map 
  • How to receieve your map (PDF of a or web page)

You can adjust your preview until you're happy with the map and then press "Buy my map" to pay for your map with a credit card or via PayPal and then simply download it onto your computer. 

Watch our introductory video on YouTube that covers the basics of postcode mapping :

With prices starting from just £40, along with free previews to help you work out exactly what you need, why not take a look now?  You'll be glad you did!


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